Solar Panels Tender Opportunity


Country Tastes Ltd, T/A Neil Powell Master Butchers is an independent food processor/licenced cutting plant based on a small industrial estate in Ewyas Harold Herefordshire. A recent review has identified the requirement to reduce our energy consumption and our carbon footprint through the installation of photo voltaic panels.

Scope of work

The operation uses electricity day and night throughout the year primarily to run condensing units and evaporators to keep the production facility and production areas at acceptable processing and storage temperatures. The industrial estate is comprised of 5 units, 4 of which have the capacity to install photo voltaic panels to produce electricity to utilised internally. Suppliers are invited to tender for the supply, installation and commissioning of panels of tier 1 PV standard circa 70 KWp on the available roof space.

All costs for installation to be included within the quote: scaffolding: health and safety installation requirements: tele handlers.

Selection Criteria
Completed tenders to be submitted to the project manager no later than 12 noon, 15 th August 2022

The contract will be awarded to the most cost effective tender that meets the requirements of the company, delivered within planned timescales.

Payment Terms
Payments will be made at stages and agreed as part of the contract discussion. Anticipated payment terms may be included in the tender.
Project manager: Ben Powell
Contact details: