The Foundation

Craft butchery is at the foundation of our business and starts with knowledge of the sourcing, how the animal has been fed and farmed but thereafter is the art of cutting the whole carcass.

It is the art of skillfully and carefully cutting and utilising the whole carcass. It is easy to buy selected cuts in a box, but real craft butchery makes you think a lot more about the product. It makes us more creative and imaginative in how to optimise the product and utilise all of the cuts. This requires skill and demands respect.

The Culmination

The culmination of this skill is the fresh meat display cut daily, precise cuts, top quality sourcing, being neat and respectful. The final touch is there for all to see and is what the product deserves.

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It is a real pleasure to see when a member of staff grasps that same pride and passion, you can see it straight away in the way they handle a cut, and these values are now firmly with the next generation.

Neil Powell