Maturation I

The beef carcasses are delivered directly to out licensed meat cutting plant (ref UK4246), inspected, carefully sorted and put into our custom fridges in optimal maturing conditions based around humidity, temperature, airflow and controlling bacterial growth.


Carcass Butchery

At around 14 days the carcass is taken from the fridge and expertly cut/broken down by our in house trained craft butchers under controlled processing conditions. Prime cuts such as ribs of beef, sirloins on the bone and anything that a chef or home cook wants further aged are set aside.


Maturation II

Prime and select cuts are left on the bone and further aged for a minimum of 21 days. This enhances the flavour and gives a greater depth of “beefiness”, as well as tenderising the cut. Individual chefs or home cooks may wish for longer maturation, our record so far is 100 days ageing!


Primal Butchery

Once ‘ready’, or ‘perfectly mature’ or ‘dry aged to perfection’, our butchers will then cut and trim to create a more flavoursome, more tender, very delicious steak.

The Sourcing

Our beef cattle are predominantly grass-fed, with a diet that is 100% homegrown on feed derived from Herefordshire pastures, which are some of the richest in the world! They remain outside for as long as possible grazing on rich Wye Valley Pastures. When the weather drives the cattle inside, sheds are warm, well ventilated with litter regularly changed with homegrown straw.


Johnny & Son

Our beef suppler Johnny and his son John interact with their cattle every day of the year and when fit personally selects our cattle based upon breed, size and confirmation. We like our cattle with a bit of fat as it helps age the product and with the flavour.  The cattle are kept together as a group for weeks before slaughter to minimise stress and kept together during transit for the short trip to the local slaughterhouse.

Our Farmers