Great House Farm, Penpergwm / 5 Food miles

Phillip Bevan

Based out at Penpergwm Monmouthshire, Phil rears both Saddleback and Old Spot Pigs that he hand selects himself.

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Steen’s Bridge, Leominster / 36 food miles

Stuart Mee

Stuart and his family rear award-winning poultry in Herefordshire. The birds are free to forage in the beautiful apple orchards on the Mee family farm.

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Passion & Pride

We have a great working relationship with all of our livestock suppliers, not based around price but around trust and quality. Our mutual understanding and passion for livestock welfare and the end product means that we talk about the ground, the weather and of course the livestock. It goes without saying that we expect consistency and that the animals are well looked after this comes through constant interaction with the stock.


Barn Farm, Skenfirth / 5 food miles

John Sevenoakes

John has been supplying our lamb for years. The lamb is left to roam free on the lush green pastures of the Usk Valley, giving a delicious flavour.

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Willersley Court, Herefordshire / 29 food miles

Jonny Morris

Based on the nutrient-rich banks of the River Wye, Beef rearing is in Jonny’s blood. His passion and knowledge ensure only the best levels of animal husbandry.

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In the Blood

Farming isn’t just a job. It is a chosen lifestyle, often handed down, through many generations, it is in the blood.