Neil Powell

Butchery Apprenticeship

Working in his father’s country butchers in the foothills of the Black Mountains in the small community of Longtown Neil Powell started his butchery apprenticeship at the age of 5. This started with the very basics and spent much of his time on the “meat van” with his father delivering bespoke butchery to homes in the rural border communities of Herefordshire & Monmouthshire.

Historic Location

The history of this building as a butchers and its position within the market town of Abergavenny is one of longevity. In the 15th and 16th century, Flannel Street was known as Butchers Row, consisting of five butchers shops, an abattoir and a number of chop houses.

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Master Butcher

Continuing the lifelong apprenticeship, in 1967 he attended the reputed Blackpool Food Technology Centre fine-tuning his technique and knowledge as well as gaining a slaughterman’s licence –which along with a craft butchery qualification is a traditionally endorsed Master Butcher! A further vocational apprenticeship was carried out with a local Craft Butcher before in 1971 the butchers at No 1 Flannel Street was acquired.


The Market Town

Abergavenny is at the heads of five valleys and the last stop before going into England. Due to its location, it became the epicentre for trade and evolved into a thriving and successful market town. Livestock was driven up castle street, adjacent to Flannel Street/Butchers Row and onto the livestock market, traders used Butchers Row on their way in and out of town. The shop may have changed a bit over the years, but the enduring quality of purveying, ethically reared, local produce has been the same for centuries!

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