April 6, 2017

Getting the Flock ready for Easter

Easter is a great time to gather together friends and enjoy the very best seasonal food and drink. Nothing says Easter like a deliciously seasoned lamb dish.

Here at Neil Powell Butchers, we’re getting the flock ready for the big day. Our lamb supplier, John Sevenoaks, is located just 5 miles down the road at Barn Farm, in Skenfrith. We’ve been working with John for over 10 years. He is a long-standing supplier of ours, who provides an excellent and reliable service, as well as quality produce.

John’s family are expert livestock farmers, and have been farming using traditional methods for generations. John’s lambs are left to roam free on the lush green meadows of the Usk Valley and they graze on the fertile and nutritious hill pastures of the Welsh borders. A perk of this method is that it gives a lot of heart back to the ground, helping its future productivity as agricultural land.

John supplies us with carefully selected lamb, but only when his stock is ready. We receive the lamb in carcass form and our specialist butchers  cut the lamb based upon seasonal requirements and to specific orders for our customers to enjoy.

There are so many ways you can enjoy our delicious lamb this season, but our recipe of the month is a Rack of lamb with Salsa Verde.


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