May 10, 2017

British Sandwich week and the magnificent BLT is our favourite

It’s #BritishSandwichWeek starting on the 14th May and who can’t resist a bacon sandwich. Let’s be honest the smell of bacon is enough to test the limits of many a vegetarian! To us the combination of the humble BLT is simply, food alchemy.


As Herefordshire Butchers we do of course like to keep things simple which makes the ingredients key. So let’s start with the bread. Forget sad, pre-cut and processed, the outer-casing needs to be perfect and so we had to look no further than local baker Peter Cook, based over in Ledbury. His bread is all handmade using four simple ingredients- flour, water, salt and yeast. Just the aroma from our freshly baked loaf was enough to get us salivating when we were photographing it. Oh boy the eating doesn’t disappoint, it’s that real manly golden crust, then a soft cloud like centre that you want to sink your teeth into.

The lettuce & tomato are just as important. We love Carey Organics for their fresh produce. For us there is nothing worse than a heavily refrigerated tomato with no taste. We love a rich tomato that is ripe with sweetness and is soft to the bite. The lettuce however you may disagree with us on; we quite like something a little softer, maybe with a frill but with some actual taste, no sterile chopped up iceberg lettuce for us I’m afraid.

Most important of course is the bacon, we like it smoked and in our sandwich here we used back bacon, cooked under the grill until the fat melds and a honey coloured edge develops tells you it’s time to eat!

Condiments, go mad, we added some locally made mayo; but here is where I guess personal taste can run amok! Add mustard, smother with aioli or add a sweet chutney, try Usk River, we stock it in all of our stores, it’s delicious.

Now, off to the kitchen, you know you want to!

Ben Powell

P.S Look out for our bacon offers this month, just to tempt you even more!

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