September 19, 2017

A month of celebrations for British Food

This month is a smorgasbord of fabulous meaty celebrations!

This month is a smorgasbord of fabulous meaty celebrations! Firstly we had #lovelambweek – which highlighted how truly wonderful the lamb we produce in the UK is and how we should definitely eat more of this flavoursome meat (and not just for Sunday lunch). Later on this month, we have National Sunday Roast week, as well as British Food Fortnight.

All of these events come at a time where the harvest is celebrated and the seasons are changing and we welcome the slightly cooler weather, making us want to whip something up that is delicious, comforting and warming.

The British harvest brings an array of autumnal vegetables, squashes, courgettes, celeriac, potatoes which are all perfect companions in stews, pies, and roasts. So we have compiled a whopping 14 delicious ideas  (one for each day of British Food Fortnight) for you to try using some top quality meats from our stores!

1. Sirloin Steak

2. Chicken Breasts
3. Pork Belly
4. Stewing Steak
5. Streaky Bacon
6. Pork Fillet
7. Lamb Shoulder

8. Chicken Thighs
9. Sausages
10. Sausage Meat
11. Burgers
12. Roast Beef
13. Lamb Chops
14. Chicken Drumsticks

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