• Staff Features / Part 3
    February 26, 2018
    Part 3 of our Staff Features takes us over to our new store in Monmouth. Here are two members of the team looking smart in the new uniform. Grab a coffee, take a read and learn a little about them! Name: Matt Barnes NP Location: Monmouth Job role: I'm the manager at Neil Powell's newest location in Monmouth. So my day to day role includes ensuring we have enough stock and most importantly ensuring there is enough faggots to go around! Favourite meat + cut: It has to be ribeye; the perfect balance of fat marbling and meat. What did you want to be when you were growing up? Army Favourite meal to cook at home: It might not come as a shock but it obviously has to be steak and chips. Homemade chips are for when I have more time but this is my go-to Friday evening dinner. So simple the ultimate treat. Your top tip for customers: Read up on how to cook the meat correctly; there are so many useful guides around. You've invested money into it so make sure you invest time and you'll be rewarded with a delicious meal.   Name: Paul Evans NP Location: Monmouth Job role: My role at Monmouth is serving customers and ensuring they have the knowledge and everything they might need. I'll ensure all of the displays are ready for the day ahead. Favourite meat + cut: Steaks seems to be quite a common theme here and my favourite cut is Rump. It might not be the most tender but I think it wins on flavour and whats more is that it's a really good price! What did you want to be when you were growing up? I wanted to be a football player like most boys but it obviously didn't go that way! Favourite meal to cook at home: a delicious classic; spaghetti bolognese. Pop abit of smoked streaky bacon in there for extra flavour and make sure you use lean minced beef! Your top tip for customers: you don't have to spend loads to make something tasty and you'll be surprised at the difference of qualtiy between a butcher's shop and supermarket!
  • Team Features / Part 2
    February 7, 2018
    Here is part 2 of our team features. Meet some of the team from our Hereford store - situated on Widemarsh street, they are always busy with people passing by; grabbing something from the deli or picking up their meat. They are just a few of the key people in our business who ensure our customers are always happy and go away with the best quality products along with the right knowledge if they need it. So, let's get to know them abit better... Name: Andrew Jones (Joner) NP Location: Hereford Job role: I'm the butchery manager at Hereford. On a daily basis I do a mixture of serving customers and making sure that we have enough meat to meet the demand. I helpy the team to get everything ready and presentable for the displays - ensuring the quality of how it has been reared is reflected to customers! Favourite meat + cut: A popular cut amoung us here at NP but it has to be a nice piece of rib-eye steak - it is definitely the cut with the most flavour and best value. Homemade chips and a blue cheese sauce is perfection. What did you want to be when you were growing up? Firefighter Favourite meal to cook at home: It has to be comfort food which for me is roast dinner or cottage pie. A roast is so versitile and can adapt to the seasonality of produce; living in a location like Hereford, there is so much to offer - there is an abundance of local, independant suppliers which we should all use more! Your top tip for customers: For a large joint of meat (especially lamb and pork) I recommend cooking is on a low temp for a good amount of time. Prep it, chuck it in the oven and put your feet up! Remember rest after cooking to ensure it retains it's juices and is even tastier before serving it up. Name: Mandy Prosser NP Location: Hereford Job role: My job at Hereford is butcher's assitant. My day to day job includes serving customers and giving advice. Always having a smile and ensuring they go away happy with the knowledge they need to make a tasty meal. Favourite meat + cut: Like Joner, it has to be rib-eye steak! Cook to perfection, it is really delicious and full of flavour - especially reared by Jonny Morris! Favourite meal to cook at home: Cottage pie; it is the perfect dish to serve up for a family meal. It is a real winter warmer and my top choice of comfort food. Make sure you top with buttery mash and lots of cheese! What did you want to be when you were growing up? All I've ever wanted to do is work to provide for my family and live a happy life. Your top tip for customers: My top advice that I always give to asking customers for a joint beef is is 20 minutes per lb and add on 20 minutes (a little longer if you like it cooked more but never over cook!) Name: Gill Parker NP Location: Hereford Job role: I serve customers and ensure everything is kept stocked up. I also advise customers on any questions they might have. Favourite meat + cut: For a treat, I love lamb chops. They're really tasty and tender when served a little pink; simply roasted with fresh rosemary, garlic, salt, oil and thyme - delicious and something a little different. Favourite meal to cook at home: It has to be a roast dinner - it is the best meal of the week. Traditional and versitile, it can be different every week. I also find it a nice way to round of a nice weekend and ready for the next week ahead. What did you want to be when you were growing up? Happy! Who doesn't? Get this right and I believe the rest will lead. Your top tip for customers: Cook with love. The most passionate chefs and cooks are those who produce the best food and experience. It doesn't have to be complicated or fancy but using the best quality and a little enthusiasm, cooking can be enjoyable and easy - you also get something delicious at the end of it!
  • Team features / Part 1
    January 24, 2018
    Without our wonderful team, we simply wouldn't be able to do what we do. From customer service staff to our skilled butchers, they ensure all of our customers are not only getting a great experience, but amazing quality meat. Being an independent, family owned butchers, we pride ourselves on consistency and attention to detail; members of our team are like an extension of our family and we wouldn't have it any other way; our passion for food unites us. To celebrate years of loyalty from our staff, we'll be giving them the spotlight they deserve. Below we've got the first series of features from some of the guys at Ewyas Harold, grab a cup of tea and take a read!   Name: James Powell NP Location: Ewyas Harold Job role: I'm the manager at Ewyas Harold which is our cutting plant and main meat preparation site. Everyday, we are prepping meat ready to be sent to all of the different shops and directly to restaurants, cafes and schools to name a few. My job is check all of the quality of the meat that comes in and ensure it is graded to the highest quality. I also have to make sure all of the staff are on top of their game! Favourite meat + cut: It has to be beef rib or brisket. Something that is tender and falls apart when you eat it - they are well worth the wait! With rich flavours and a homemade sticky BBQ sauce, you simply can't beat it. What did you want to be when you were growing up? I've always enjoyed cooking and eating but didn't want to be a chef so butchery seemed a natural choice! Your top tip for customers: Make sure you don't over cook steak. It is preference but I prefer mine quite rare to ensure the full flavour is maintained. Also, fat can sometimes help the flavour; it isn't always bad if cooked in the right way! Name: Chris Willins NP Location: Ewyas Harold Job role: My role is quite varied and covers a range of elements. Ofcourse, I am a trained butcher and I also help trained and pass my knowledge on to any new members of staff or apprentices. Product development and quality are two other areas I work within. Favourite meat + cut: I love making ox tail soup at home. It might take a while, but the flavour at the end is delicious. It is a cut that not many people would choose to use but used and cooked in the right way, it can be rewarding and a cost effective choice. What did you want to be growing up? A soldier but a butcher will have to do! Your top tips for customers: Invest a little time and look for the cheaper cuts; the flavours can be amazing. You can't hurry perfection! Name: Jan Stepanek NP Location: Ewyas Harold Job role: I'm still learning, but at the moment, my role includes boning beef carcasses, trimming bones and packing the meat up to be sent out. Favourite meat + cut: My favourite cut is rib eye steak served up with some homemade chips. It is a really tasty cut which comes from the marbled fat and if aged for a good amount of time, it can be even better. What did you want to be when you were growing up? Policeman or a solider. Your top tip for customers: I know this might be debated by some but don't cook any steak well done. You simply won't enjoy the intended flavour of the meat and all of our hard work will be put to waste! Name: Sam Harper NP Location: Ewyas Harold Job role: My day to day roles include looking after the shop at Ewyas Harold and slicing bacon. Next time you buy some for your Saturday morning sandwich, you know it has been cut with care and great skill! Favourite meat + cut: Rump steak. It is full of flavour and I recommend getting a large piece to share. It might not be as tender as sirloin but it is cheaper and I think the flavour is much better. What is your favourite meal to cook at home? Lasagne is not only delicious but can be shared with friends and family. Theres nothing better than getting together with some good food! Make sure you get the leanest beef and pork you possibly can (and put LOTS of cheese on top!). Your top tip for customers: It sounds silly but don't burn or over cook it; reading the recipe properly and doing a little research before cooking is key, especially with steak - you only have one chance!
  • New Monmouth Store
    January 17, 2018
    As many of you may have heard, we are pleased to announce we are opening a new site in Monmouth. We will be taking over the highly respected Le Gourmet located on Church St which has been operating and serving the town for over 50 years -  so we've certainly got big boots to fill! The extremely popular faggots will still be available along with our top quality, local meat from our favourite suppliers in Monmouthshire and the surrounding areas. 2018 is already shaping up to be an exciting one for us and we hope you can join us to celebrate this at the opening. Date: 22nd January Where: Church St. Monmouth To celebrate, we are giving each customer 10% off their entire shop from 22.1. 18 - 31.1.18. So pop in, say hello and pick up your meat! We hope you'll be able to join us on our opening day and we look forward to serving you in the future. Neil Powell - Master Butchers
  • January Lemon + Thyme Chicken Traybake 
    January 9, 2018
    In January we find ourselves thinking of ways we can eat a little better, spend a little less and beat those January blues. We love cooking up indulgent meals but the majority of the time, we’re thinking of ways we can feed our families nutritious dishes whilst ensuring they are cost effective and delicious. This super simple recipe is the perfect winter dish to gather your family and friends at the table or simply cook for yourself and pop in your bag for tomorrow’s lunch. Quantities and ingredients are easily changeable to suit your party appetite, tastes and the seasons.  All of our chicken is locally produced and available in all of our stores: simply pop in and we’ll be more than happy to help! We recommend serving this dish up with some fresh greens and a little butter (because it would be rude not to!). January lemon + thyme Chicken traybake 8 boneless chicken thighs Vine cherry tomatoes 12-16 new potatoes 3 shallots a few sprigs of thyme 5 garlic cloves 1 lemon Salt + Pepper Olive oil Serves: 4 (with a little left over) Set your oven to 180 °C and prepare a large roasting tray (big enough for everything to be on one layer) with a little oil. Prepare the potatoes by slicing them 3/4 of the way down (see image). Place them in the tray, along with the chicken and coat them with a little oil. Season with salt and pepper. Peel the shallots and cut into quarters. Also peel the garlic cloves and half. Pop into the tray along with the rest and scatter the thyme. Quarter the lemon, squeeze a little all over the tray and place in with the rest. Put into the pre-heated oven for 30 minutes. Take out, give it a mix and add the vine cherry tomatoes. Put back into the oven for a further 30 minutes until the potatoes are soft and chicken is golden and cooked through. Enjoy!